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Hate F*@k: Part Three

Hate Fuck: Part Three - Ainsley Booth


3,5 Stars.
A good conclusion for a fairly decent first series. I had in general a good time with this particular story from the beginning till the end and i'm happy to say every new part is better than the previous one. The series won't end here, but this installment is in fact the last one with Cole and Hailey as the main characters.

As the story continues Hailey finds herself tangled up in a big mess she has no in idea how to get out of. She will have to be strong and ready to make decisions she never thought possible. At least until Cole shows up.. He will, won't he?

Yeah he will, we are talking about Cole Parker after all. He vowed to protect her no matter what and that's what he'll do. Well, that and of course have absurd amounts of hot, steamy sex with her.
The sex scenes are nicely written and very stimulating.

Now for the bigger plot that unravels more and more, there is an interesting and encouraging development that has to do with the whole of Horus Group team. Many new clues will make their appearance along with some big twists.

As for our couple, yes they get their HEA in a very sweet and well polished way. I wasn't very fond of them at first but i warmed up to Cole and Hailey a lot and i ended up really like those two.
I want to see how the rest of the story will continue and of course i will definitely follow the other couples.


- Dual POV, as always.
- OMG, her mother!!! That's a twist!
- I like Hailey's younger sister, Alison.
- Jason and Ellie!! There is something there, interesting.
- Hot, Hot!
- There is still an amature feeling in this story, not quite as awkward as someone might think, but just a subtle notion.

ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review. Thank you!