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And Aflame It Was

Aflame - Penelope Douglas


If there is an author out there that can pull me out of my reading slump that is Penelope Douglas for sure. And yes she did it again, even if i was very apprehensive towards this book at first.

Aflame is many things, but for me it is mostly a goodbye. A bittersweet farewell to a beautifully crafted series filled with enough pasion and chemistry to wake the dead. Bully, will always stay on the top-ten of my favorite books and Jared and Tate's story, will never stop bringing tears to my eyes, filling me with pain, anger, love and forgiveness.

Reminiscing about the past i can still remember reading the first few pages of Bully back in 2013. I recall clearly being so captivated by it, i caught myself holding my breath numerous times and that was only the beginning. I loved every story in this series and every character but Jared and Tate -and Madoc, let's not forget Madoc- have a weird hold on my heart.

I was perfectly at ease with how things were for them in the previous books and i couldn't see the need for another heartbreaking story that would sure have me screaming at my tablet right away. In my mind they already had their legendary HEA, why mess with that? Why tear apart an epic couple?

The answer is simple really. They needed to grow up, they needed to know they could thrive even on their own, they needed to find the strength to make it work again. I'm not thrilled to say it, but that's the truth. If this book wasn't here the whole story would have been left unapologetically incomplete. In the end, i'm really happy that Penelope decided to write this wonderful ending the way she did.

With a subtle but always emotionaly charged nod to the way it all started with Jared and Tate's love story the series starts and ends. But this book is not only about them, it's actually a tribute to all of our favorite characters, they get their after HEA in such a unique way that made me smile all the time. So, at this point i'm inclined to finish up my review and say my own goodbye to all of them.. well, at least for now!


- Dual POV.
- Jared the antisocial, God i love this man.
- Tate, girl i LOVE you!
- So much chemistry!
- Madoc, Madoc, Madoc!!!
- Quinn!! Aww now they all share a little sister! It's so adorable.
- I'm pleased to say they all end up being very close.
- Madoc is an amazing friend.
- All the kids!
- I loved every race with them. I felt my heart pumping in every turn!!
- J.T. Racing team! Wow!
- Dylan and Kade, i'm telling you, this is happening.
- It was a magnificent way to say goodbye!
- I forgot to mention the awesome playlist! Playing it on repeat!

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1175546423